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Glutathione for Pets

Murray Avenue Apothecary’s state-of-the-art compounding laboratory prepares innovative, economical, easy-to-use dosage forms for animals. Susan Merenstein, RPh/Owner of Murray Avenue Apothecary and LabNaturals Inc. has over 41 years of pharmacy practice experience. Susan and her dedicated staff help veterinarians and animal care specialists solve a variety of medication problems including hard-to-find medications, custom dosages, drug combinations, transdermal medications, as well as unique innovative compounds containing Glutathione for immunity, inflammation, and aging.

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Vet Compounding & Acetyl-Glutathione for Animals



"My 12-year-old large 90lb. dog has severe arthritis to the degree she has episodes where she cannot stand or walk. During one of these episodes, she slipped down the steps, causing her to limp from the injury. Murray Avenue Apothecary (sister company of LabNaturals, Inc)., recommended ABSORBABLE LabNaturals Glutathione, and within 2 weeks of taking the Glutathione she stopped limping. She is visibly stronger and in much less pain...
- A.

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