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Barley’s recovery story:

"Our precious dog Barley underwent surgery to repair a herniated disk caused by an acute injury and his long stature as a dachshund mix on June 28th, 2020. Luckily his grandmother is Susan Merenstein Pharmacist and Owner of Murray Avenue Apothecary and LabNaturals, Inc.

Immediately after surgery and thereafter we gave him LabNaturals CBD + Probiotic 30 BU everyday + Acetyl-Glutathione powder sprinkled on fresh food (Pawlicious) + physical therapy + TLC from his loving doggy parents!

He had a surgery wound from his neck to his tail which is hardly visible, his energy is great, and he is as loving as ever! Two months after surgery he is making progress every day to learn to walk again and his VET is thrilled with his progress! Barley wouldn’t be where he is without his Dog Grandma “SuSu” cocktail."

- H.M.


"Today is my grand-dog Barley’s one-year adoption anniversary from The Foster Farm. We are so happy to have Barley in our family and his amazing recovery continues to amaze me! After undergoing back surgery in June, Barley has shown remarkable progress with his recovery from a severe back injury.

He is walking normally and returning to his normal self again, thanks in big part to a healthy whole food diet from Pawlicious, LabNaturals CBD, LabNaturals Acetyl-Glutathione, and Probiotics from the awesome team at Murray Avenue Apothecary and LabNaturals.

Barley’s Vet Dr. Winnie of the Greenfield Veterinary Hospital said he is SUPER IMPRESSED with Barley’s neurological function and passed his exam with flying colors. He said his ears are much better and showing limited signs of allergies.

Dr. Winnie is amazed by his progress with walking!!!!!

Love you so much Barley-my adorable grand-dog!"

- S.M.


"My name is Ted Keller RPh. I did not invent Acetyl-Glutathione; however, I have taken Acetyl-Glutathione longer than anyone on the planet, 19 years to be exact, and I am the first person to bring this product to market.

I am 72 years old, male, 5’9”, weigh 165 lbs., 34” waist. I have normal blood pressure, normal blood sugar, normal free hormones, same levels as a 40-year-old male, suffer no ED, no joint pain, no loss of bone or muscle mass, normal telomere length for a 40-year-old, normal growth hormone levels, normal thyroid levels. I have had no bone or muscle loss in the 19 years. I train in martial arts and regularly spar with men 50, 40, and 30 years younger than me and I can compete. I have 27% less heavy metal concentration on average, no calcification of coronary or carotid arteries. I have not had any cold sores in 19 years, and as an aside, people with herpes Simplex 1 are more prone to Alzheimer’s disease, according to the Cleveland Clinic. I have no macular degeneration, better hair growth, normal hearing, fewer eyeglass prescription changes - 2 in 19 years. I have longer eye lashes, fewer wrinkles and younger looking skin. I require no/little sunscreen when exposed to the Colorado sun – I don’t burn. I have not had any significant dental work in 19 years, my gums are in excellent condition. No COPD symptoms even after smoking for 25 years.

Before starting the daily dose of Acetyl-Glutathione; these were the problems that I faced: Blood sugars slightly above normal, blood pressure slightly elevated, gout, occasional atrial fibrillation, elevated cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, occasional insomnia, the beginning of COPD problems, low energy, adrenal fatigue, 3 pm crash daily, no physical stamina, heavy metal contamination, one or 2 cold sore outbreaks per year, very thin eyebrows and eye lashes, gums soft and receding.

I attribute my excellent health to Acetyl-Glutathione supplement!"

Palmitated Glutathione

"My daughter started using the Glutathione. From the first pea sized application, she was pain free for the first time in years. We’ve waited this long to let you know to see if it was just a fluke, as nothing has ever taken her pain away. It works. It does not reduce the inflammation; it does take away the pain completely. Thank you so much. She called me at 4:00 am, crying, a day or two after I gave her the cream. Needless to say, the call scared me. She said, "Mom, my pain is gone." We stayed on the phone until 8:00 am or so to make sure it was really gone. We couldn’t believe it."

- A.

Topical Glutathione/Magnesium

"This compound [Glutathione/Magnesium Cream] is totally amazing! I rub a small amount (dime sized) onto either leg before I go to bed and those horribly painful leg cramps are completely gone. Before I found out about this topical cream, I was plagued almost every night with painful leg and foot cramps that would wake me up at night. I would stumble around stretching, massaging and literally crying with pain and then try to get back to sleep. At first, I thought this cream was just a placebo effect when these cramps vanished, so just to test it out further, I was traveling with a friend and she was getting up at night with the same kind of leg cramps. So, I gave her some of my glutathione/magnesium cream and she was astonished by the results. When I returned to Pittsburgh, I sent her a bottle of the cream. Now, she too can't live without it. Such a simple, effective, miraculous cure. I've been using it for a year now and it continues to work! Thank you for this gift of sleep - pain free!"

- N.S. (Pittsburgh, PA)

Acetyl-Glutathione Oral

"I came to see Susan about Menopause, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. I was given DHEA with Pregnenolone and Progesterone. Since July 2014, I have more energy. I have lost 4 dress sizes, and my mood is better...I can ride my bike for much longer periods of time, and now with Acetyl-Glutathione, my asthma has improved exponentially."

- A.M.

Lyme Disease

"Thank you, Susan, for your wise guidance during my intense bout with Lyme Disease. The lingering fever, intense headaches and night sweats greatly affected my TSH score. When my doctor suggested I increase my thyroid medicine, you strongly suggested I wait. You supplied me with Allicillin (garlic) Pro and Glutathione to help me through 3 months of doxycyline. Now I am back better than ever and thankful for the vibrancy that comes with good health. I am also thankful for you, your smart guidance, years of experience, and wisdom."

- E.C.


"I was singing at home, alone to a CD when I realized I could sing longer and breathe better after taking the Acetyl-Glutathione. I also have no wheezing when I ride my bike in cold weather, and it feels like I could wean myself off my inhalers. I also have improved circulation...Without you folks, I would be a basket case."

- A.M.

Smelly Feet/Topical Glutathione/Magnesium

"Let me preface this that I am borderline "clean-freak"... I was raised by a mother and grandmother who were proud card-carrying members of the clean freak organization. I have been married to a clean freak for nearly 3 decades. Here is my story: a few weeks ago, I went for a swim on a huge lake up north. It was a hot humid day, and my feet (wet from the lake) went quickly from my flip flops to my running shoes. I trudged from the lake to the beach to my car. While driving the two-hour ride home, I began to smell a strong odor. I checked my pits, and even sniffed into my swim trunks... Everything checked out...Fresh and clean as always. Then I slipped off my running shoes...That was it...My shoes stunk. The smell was so bad that I threw my Nikes away. I could still smell the odor on my feet. I couldn't wait to get home and hop into a hot shower. I shaved, shampooed, and scrubbed. I stepped out of the shower and to my despair the odor was still there. This went on for days... I tried Dr. Scholls foot spray deodorant and a huge assortment of powders. Nothing worked. I smelled clean and fresh as always, but my feet stunk. I tried desenex and that did nothing. There was no visible rash or wound just horrible stinky feet! I googled stinky feet and basically was advised to consult your pharmacist. I went to the local supermarket pharmacy. After waiting to talk to a pharmacist for 15 mins. I was embarrassed discussing my stinky feet in front of the many grocery shoppers. I was advised to try Dr. Scholls foot spray deodorant. When I told her, I had already tried that to no avail, she just shook her head and said" I have a lot of customers waiting for medications, I have to go". I thought, I can't spend the rest of my life with horrible stinky feet...I tried the local apothecary. Murray Avenue Apothecary to be exact. There the helpful pharmacist, took me into a private consult room, where I did not have to shout to the pharmacist so that people could hear me in can goods. I explained my situation, and the pharmacist said "she was confident that we could be rid of that odor in about a week. "She said it was probably bacterial. She suggested I wash my feet twice per day with astringents such as tea tree oil or witch hazel. She said after washing apply two pumps of compounded glutathione and magnesium cream to my feet (also twice daily). She said to purchase charcoal shoe insoles, and to change shoes as much as possible. Here is the great news... After only 3 treatments of witch hazel and the glutathione-magnesium (1+one half days) ...the odor was 100% gone.

Thank you Murray Avenue Apothecary - now I can take the family trip to Japan and customarily remove my shoes without offending anyone!"

- B.M. (Pittsburgh, PA)

Hemorrhoids/Topical Glutathione/Magnesium

"Amazing product!! Hemorrhoids were inflamed, swollen, bleeding and I was miserable. Used this topical cream on them. Stung for a few seconds the first couple of days, but not “unbearable” (especially for the relief and fast results I obtained). Back to normal in a couple of days! I also use this lotion as a deodorant. Blows my mind that this kills the odor all day like it does. I have tried other natural deodorants, but there’s nothing on the market that I’ve tried like THIS magic potion!!! Love, love, love it. Love the skincare line too! Great products – great customer service – great company! Give it a try. So many other uses for the Glutathione/Magnesium cream too. Best regards."

- P.B. (GA)

Ralph's Inflammation/Immunity

"Stitcherella reacted to a flea infestation in our house July 2018. She developed an itchy scaly rash that sometimes caused her to bleed profusely after scratching her itchy skin. Starting September 2018, she was treated by a famous Veterinarian. She was treated with massive amounts of steroids – and she got 20% worse. I started the above medication (Acetyl. Glut. 50mg/Beta Glu 250mg). – not only did she improve, but she liked the medicine. I stopped for a while then started again. She is now 120% better. Thank you, Susan."

- C.E.

Lymphoma in a Cat

"About 8 months ago, our 12-year-old cat Abby developed a terrible gastrointestinal problem, after being diagnosed with Feline Lymphoma, resulting in horrible accidents and depression. Our vet, who has been so wonderful and only wanted Abby to be healthy, began a regimen of steroids and diet changes. Abby become very lethargic with a very sad quality of life. The situation became dire, it was suggested that Abby was too stressed and it may be time to end her misery. We knew Susan at the apothecary was a genius with her compounding. It was worth a conversation with her before we made our decision. Susan had suggestion we try Acetyl-Glutathione for Abby. We started a regimen in her food with a flavored liquid. Not feeling optimistic, we continued......Within a week Abby was acting like her playful self!!!! We were shocked and amazed!!! Her condition will never be cured, but she has no accidents and certainly has a wonderful quality of life. Our vet was so supportive and thrilled for us and Abby, she now recommends the apothecary for her clients. We are ever so grateful to Susan, owner of Murray Avenue Apothecary for her visions to give her humans and animals a healthy and happy life outside of the traditional box. Please trust that there are other options!!"

- A.


"My 12-year-old large 90lb. dog has severe arthritis to the degree she has episodes where she cannot stand or walk. During one of these episodes, she slipped down the steps, causing her to limp from the injury. Murray Avenue Apothecary recommended ABSORBABLE LabNaturals Glutathione, and within 2 weeks of taking the Glutathione she stopped limping. She is visibly stronger and in much less pain. Thank you MAA, you saved my dog!"

- A.

“Several years ago, I developed a nasty breakout on my right buttocks. The dermatologist diagnosed this as a herpes breakout, although the biopsy was inconclusive. (The lesion measured approximately 2x3 inches). After speaking with Susan, she recommended applying Glutathione Cream. After several applications, the lesion decreased in size in just a few days. I applied the Glutathione Cream as directed every day, even when no lesion was there. I continued to get the breakouts off and on for about a year. Each time, the breakout was smaller and healed more quickly. When I didn't have a breakout for six months, I stopped the cream application. It's now been about two years with no re-occurrence. I owe this all to Susan Merenstein at the Murray Avenue Apothecary and her great advice.”*

- A.

“This [Glutathione/ Magnesium topical] compound is totally amazing! I rub a small amount (dime sized) onto either leg before I go to bed and those horribly painful leg cramps are completely gone.”

- A.

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