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Bone Support Formula 120ct

Designed to supply adequate amounts of highly absorbable calcium and synerhistic vitamins and minerals needed to help build strong dense bones.

Contains 1,221mg og elemental calcium per serving.

Calcium is required for proper functioning nerves, muscles, kidneys, and heart. Calcium is also essential for the development of good teeth and strong bones. Not having enough calcium in your diet is one of many factors associated with an increased risk of osteoporosis. Bone Support Formula provides a great way to efficaciously absorb and utilize calcium by the body at an accurate and predictable rate. Bone Support Formula contains the three most bioavailable forms of calcium available; MCHC, Calcium Amino Acid Chelate and Calcium Citrate. 

Bone health is more that just calcium..

  • Mostly made of collagen, bone is a living, growing tissue
  •        Collagen is a protein that provides a soft framework, calcium is a mineral that adds strength and hardens the framework
  •        Various synergistic vitamins and minerals help assist with collagen production, calcium absorption, and bone turnover

Bone Support Formula is Gluten Free. 

120 count