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Trial Size Vitamin C 20% Skin Serum

  • Wake up dull skin with this potent morning essential highly concentrated Vitamin C Serum, which has been shown to help restore collagen and elastin. Caffeine is added to firm skin, together reducing the signs of aging.

  • This product is probably the most important skin care product. It not only protects the skin from UV damage, it also is the best anti-aging compound for skin. The increase in collagen and elastin only takes place if Vitamin C is present in the skin!!

  • The ingredients in the Vitamin C Serum contain active ingredients that provide a direct benefit to the skin, and are not just carriers.

Ingredients: Ascorbic acid 20%, rice starch, glycerol caffeine citrate, beta-fructan, beta-glucosamine, amino-guanidine, L-castor oil, hamamelis extract, spin trap.

Vitamin C for SKIN

Vitamin C supports healthy, youthful-looking skin by improving discoloration, elasticity, and the appearance of wrinkles. Certain environmental factors damage the skin, including pollution, smoking, and exposure to UV rays. These environmental factors all create free radicals, which vitamin C scavenges to protect the skin.

Vitamin C and Collagen. Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis. Collagen plays several roles in skin health, including hydration, strength, and elasticity.

Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C. Pairing these two supplements can boost skin hydration, repair damaged skin, and improve visible signs of aging skin.

Niacinamide (vitamin B3) and Vitamin C. Niacinamide improves skin hydration, minimizes the appearance of pore size, reduces redness and swelling, regulates sebum (sweat) for fewer breakouts, and helps even skin tone by reducing hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C shares many of these properties and can help brighten skin.


Vitamin C for Hair

This is a well-documented antioxidant for the skin. It is well known that L-Ascorbic Acid is required for normal skin physiology (in smaller quantities). This concentration also acts as a preservative for the product and is commonly used in food preservation. The L form is the only form that can be utilized in the formation with L-Amino Acids into collagen and elastin. Low intake of vitamin C in your diet may result in dry or splitting hair, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Although hair loss isn't directly associated with a vitamin C deficiency, dry and splitting hair from a vitamin C deficiency may make your hair prone to hair loss and other hair-related conditions.

This product is part of our LabNaturals Skin Care line, but it is also a great antioxidant for the hair.

Directions: Apply 2 pumps every other night to scalp areas on dry hair around the temples and hairline. Rub in well, wait 5 minutes, then apply hair treatment. Alternate with Acetyl-Glutathione/Biotin/Vitamin E. Massage in well.

Trial Size